Tongue Game

Abe reckons its a bit too parky for Slippy Dog game with Kato. Kato doesn't feel the cold - the Sweetness is a bit of an Artic Subzeroness - quite content to doze off in a minus ten pond......

Abe has invented a new game. Its called Tongue Game. A game of stamina and bravery (on the part of the human) and of speed on the part of Little Abe. Abe sits on the lap of a human, almost snooter to snooter. Human sticks their tongue out. If Abe manages to lick the human tongue - she scores a point. Human scores points for keeping the tongue out as long as possible before Abe attacks. Course, it helps if your humans are a bit drunk.


Have you tried catching a dog's tongue? We do it with Syd who can be a bit of a licker at times. It's lots of fun and makes him behave like that bloody JarJar Binks after the tongue electrocution moment.