kato age two

Last Time on CFC News........

........we reported the bombshell news that the Icey Java is courting. Moss was reported (by hippy who is rubbish at gossip) to be male, elderly and a Collie Cross. Pretty shocking news as the aloof Java has always struggled with inter-canine relationships, even with boy-dogs. Java has issues with personal space and has only recently learnt to play with another dog. (Though she did once have an otherworldy fling with an ethereal which led to an embaressing, talked of only in hushed woofs, phantom pregnancy). Todays even more shocking bombshell is that Java's "special" friend is actually female and only 4!!! (though definitely a dog)

Our humans are ordering their "Proud to Have A Gay Dog" T-shirts as we type.

You know looked on from the perspective of lovers falling out the intensity of the disputes between Abe and Java make a lot of sense....

Your not suggesting that Abe is also sitting on t'other side of church?
Well she was sitting on top of Jazz at Christmas. Nah, just pointing out the possibilities (heeheeeheee)