kato age two

Things Your Best Dog Doesn't Tell You

Java never eats her packed lunch when she goes on her days out, always returning with her Bonio and two mint biscuits still neatly wrapped up. Her Personal Dogsitter mentioned in passing that he provides her with a whole Scotch Egg, one each for her,...... and her Boyfriend. Yes - you read that right - Boyfriend! The Ice Maiden - Tekk Your Lustful Paws off Me Sonny - Java has a boyfriend! He is called Moss, a Collie X and is a fair bit older than her. And she never said a woof about it - but she does look very excited when she realises she is off out with the Wolverhampton College Staff Association rambling types.

Though apparently the first time Moss was in the car, she went all shy and climbed in the front seat refusing to sit next to him. Usually she beats the living crap out of dogs she doesn't want to sit by. Onee day I must hide in a tree to see this for myself - a firty, romantic Java.

Java did seven miles yesterday with no problems from Back Left. Then spent the afternoon in a launderette making new friends.
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