kato age two

Gerroff! You Big C*T!

Lindsays been a bit uncomfortable on her paws recently - more than just her usual rickety suspension, temperatmental back axle and faulty brakes. Yesterday, we found gravel wedged inside her front pads, she just can't do her own pedicure anymore.  Today noted that Front Left high claw had cracked all the way up to the root and was giving her jip - so it was off to the vets. Vet managed to clip all her claws, not easy as they pure black and the vein inside can't be seen.  Decided against taking the high claw out, just clipped it short to try and stop her catching it on stuff. Lindsay grumbled a bit under her breath at the vet, possibly a word beginning with C and ending in T.

But otherwise, her MOT was OK - she will be 15 in March and although ricketty & deaf, she seems content. She has gotten used to being carried up the stairs, can get down by her self but has to take her time before launching. She sleeps a lot, often the last to get up in the morning - and her slow mobility has led to a few little accidents as she can't get outside quick enough when she has woken up.

Heres old Granny after her vet visit

Cuddles to Lindsay Doglet. I sympathise. My left paw is a bit screwy too!
Brakes were fine...just the wrong ones (caught downhill edge of the board while facing uphill...which is bad, as I fell further than 90 degrees backwards, straight onto my left hand)
Hugs to grandma Lindsay.

I *may* be popping over Wolves way Wednesday or Thursday. Anyone in the collective likely to be about?
Looks like I'll be in Wolves at some point during the day on Thursday. Fancy meeting up for some lunch?
OK - my treat - dunno where though - but we will find somewhere. Just text or ring with your expected time of arrival. And we can meet up.

What brings you over to wolves?
Well I've been meaning to pop over and say hello since before xmas, and I also need to go shopping for some spine armour at the Dainese shop, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.

Not sure what time I'll be arriving as toxicpixie has to get here first as he's guiding me to Wolves on my first trip out of Brum on the bike. Will let you know though. :o)
She is a charactor - the Father Jack of the dog world - but that wasn't old age, she has always been a bit like that. hippy found her abandoned 14 years ago - he didn't want a dog - but Looby managed to not get herself rehomed by various strategies............
Glad to hear the vet trip went okay. Give the old gal a ruffle from me.
Yes, we will be in, its all early nights and sensible eating round here. Monopoly? hippy stil won't play.
Poor ol' Lindsay - the main thing is that she's content though!! Hope she rackets on for years!!
Hugs and tummy rubs from me too.

Jazz would like to respectfully remind The Old Dudess (because she did say this when we visited, but knows it's a bit hard for the Wise One to remember stuff) that now she has met Kato, Jazz is very, very sorry for being such a bouncy energetic youth all those years ago.
Ooooh Young Man
Lindsay says Kato is actually a well behaved child when compared to the teenage Jazz :-)

In the waiting room yesterday, the Wise Old Dudess said hello to a lady with a cat, then bimbled round in a circle and encountered the lady & cat again, said hello again,having forgotten she had already greeted the lady & cat.

This went on until a young Boy-Dog came in, and suddenly she was 18 months again, batting her eyelashes coyly.