Stealth Slinking and Dog Methadone

The Big Sofa is the place to be. Various tactics are used to slink onto the Big Sofa with the humans. Stealth Slink, Bendy Limbed Elasticity, Canine Shimmy Teleporting and that old chestnut - Cute Endearment. We give each other marks out of ten for creativity, originality and artistic content. Java does a wonderful Stealth Slink - true fluidity of movement as she beautifully pours herself betwixt human and back of Big Sofa. The movement only spoiled by human leaning back "Tut! Tut! Off! Floor now" - some nice, stylish Cute Endearment kicked in, that dog looked so rejected, dog, you could feel her desolate anguish, hear that little doggy heart snapping and human gave in.

Lindsays on Day Three of her gradual detox - the careful withdrawal of her eplilepsy drugs. Humans are over anxious and in their soppy concern are replacing drugs with extra Choco Bic Deluxe - like dog methadone.
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