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Usual service is suspended while our human has a bit of a rant!!

From Saturdays Guardian - exert from Charlie Brookers screenburn column -

On Jamie Oliver -

The award for the show Most Impervious to Criticism goes to Jamie's School Dinners in which Sir Flappy-Tongued Bumface himself saved the lives of millions of children - or so it seemed, given the orgy of self-fellating middle-class rapture that followed.

This was campaigning television all right, and while it's hard to disagree with the policy change it instigated, it's worth remembering that as a TV show it was merely preaching to the converted - a piece of entertainment laser-targeted at snobby plasma-screen dickwits whose Smeg fridges were already bursting with organic produce in the first place. These nauseating twats aren't trying to feed a family of five on a sink estate budget: they wouldn't dream of feeding their precious Jake anything that hadn't come out of a Nigel Slater cookbook, and by Christ they're proud of it. For them, Jamie's School Dinners merely heralded another golden opportunity to sit around smugly tutting at everyone else in the world. Well up theirs. I don't want their kids to be healthy. I prefer them fat and wheezing. Large, slow targets are easier to hit.

Couldn't agree more - from watching Sir Flappy-Tongued Bumface spoonfeeding his toddler (who looked old enough to be pawing her own food in, with or without silver spoon)  fresh blueberries for breakfast whilst claiming good food doesn't cost much - I have wanted to drown him in a vat of cough medicine flavoured blancmange. Actually, that would be too kind. I would condemn him to a 19th floor shitty flat with his kids (no wife), a 70 quid giro,asbo neighbours and a loan shark on his doorstep demanding half his money. Now lets see him lightly toast his pine nuts.

I didn't eat a sprout for anything less than gun point until I was 38. And I have yet to go the way of the aubergine. Hey! Bumface! Leave them kids alone.

Unfortunatly I come from a home where my late father was very much influenced by The Good Life and insisted we grew our own vegetables and fruit ..... "sprouts" ha we were made to eat seaweed..."its very good for you" apparantly...*vom*....
Lava bread? Are you welsh too? Disgusting stuff though.

Me and hippy are getting into growing our own stuff and do eat many vegetables we wouldn't have touched as kids now. hippy inspects the compost everyday.........don't have any slippers yet but am monitoring ebay for a decent pair of wellies.........
Oh no it was Carrageen Moss (sp) it is made into a sort of jelly and flavoured with fruit....they use it in icecream a lot apparantly....

Wellies are a must.....I would also advise getting Wellie Socks...they are fantastic at keeping your feet nice and warm...