kato age two

Java in Bath Shocker!

The Collective were overjoyed to be visited by boglin and lupercal . Kato managed to restrain her divebombing affection within acceptable limits. Java was even wearing eau-de-foxshite especially.

Javas Personal Dogsitter says she follows him everywhere in his house - except when he has a bath. Java stands at the door as if to say "Sorry. Your on your own there mate" Java rarely steps paw in the bathroom, just the rare swig out of the loo when the waterbowls empty and scarpers sharpish if any humans appear on her radar. Abe hates a bath. Lindsay is oblivious. Kato loves being saturated.

But some strange, sinister mood came over our humans after our visitors left. Java was lured with biscuits to the aquatic dungeon and given full submersion torture in putrid smelling tea-tree nonsense.  Java was very brave and didn't squeal, just went completly ridgid with her tail right under, trembling, those beautiful eyes so betrayed. Had to be lifted in and out by two humans. As soon as she realised the torture was over she did huge allover shakes, sprinting around the house and rubbing herself against the humans to show her gratitude that the torture was over.

Tea tree torture.


Barnum is very brave (or very stupid) once trapped in the bathroom he will hop into the bath himself....which is just as well...he is too big to lift in.....