kato age two

Lindsay Come Home

Lindsay went to vets this evening - she reckons vet fancies her as she had a 40 minute consultation and no anal probe. With that huge coat vet wouldn't be able to find that orifice anyway. Diagnosis = in overall good nick for a geriatric - eyes a little cloudy, back legs a little stiff due to being an old dood. Got booster vacinnations. Starting a very gradual withdrawal from the epilepsy drugs as its been 4 fitless years now. Got a cracked tooth that needs keeping an eye on - humans now meddling constantly with Lindsays mush.

Java was a touch miffed that Lindsay was going Outdoors without her, but Abe cried for about twenty minutes and clutched Lindsays bed blanket in dramatic Wuthering Heights stylee. Abe so pleased to see Lindsay return "Your Alive My Love!" and sniffy searched through the fluff to check it wasn't an imposter in the old doods coat.
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Christ! Don't scare me first thing in the morning wih ominous titles and paragraphs beginning 'Lindsay went to vets'!

But rar for the old girl!