kato age two

Kato's Big Presant

Kato loved agility at her now defunct school - but the only other classes we can find either take it too seriously and want (insist) dogs to get up to Competition Standard or we suspect would probably look down their crimpolene slacked/polyester bloused snooters at our Cut N Shut Princess. At school, Kato was the kid who "would do better if she didn't spend the lessons talking to her friends" - but it didn't really matter - she did actually learn a lot, learnt to get on with other dogs, gave everyone a laugh with her romance with Oblong.

Anyway, we bought her a tunnel - just 15 quid from Pets At Home, and intend to add some jumps and stuff for her and her mates. Its not the same without the other dogs to play with but so........heres Kato having a go on her very own tunnel