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Xmas here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ - we were invaded by Sheffdogs,(Jaz and Penny) sheff_dogs and other human WINOLJ.

Our humans ate an embaressing amount of food, played the QI DVD quiz thing, drank the cellar dry and chased us round with digital cameras. We always imagine Jaz to have a big booming Fred Elliot mixed with Emmerdale type accent.

Sheffdogs were very convivial company, their humans were OK too, gave us loads of fuss. There was an incident in the park - where Kato fell full snooter into the duck-pond - but Sheffdogs were nowhere near.

We doglets have a command - "Bed!" or even "Bed with (insert dogs name of choice)" to indicate our humans want us to desist our current actions  and settle down. Seems over Xmas - That Abe did "Bed" with just about anybody

Jaz: Aye Up Doglets! Lets Play some proper Northern Slippy - none O this wet Southern jessy Slippy. By Eck that Puppys grown a large arse. Looks proper a Cut n Shut lass. I said she looks proper Shut N Cut!  GSD frontage with a hee-oooge Rotty backside.

Abe and Penny - two cutes in the village

 Jaz was a little disturbed when Abe slid down the sofa and slept on top of her - but just shrugged.

Kato with squeaky presant from boglin and lupercal

Lindsay and Kato doing sharing of presant from boglin and lupercal - (light bites in case y'all about to write in worried about the elderly dudesses chloresterol and body mass) though choco-coated light bites - so all hail that scientist that invented these top treats! Choco covered smokey bacon - how come you humans haven't got this delicacy

Jaz as t'Santa Paws

Lindsay and Kato consider sharing Doggy Mince Pie from boglin and lupercal

the result of the sharing of mincepie -