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Got lots of text messages over Xmas.

"Spent X-eve in Pubs. Snogged loads of dogs under mistletoe"
"Ta for Honking Mallard. Spent morning in pub. Home for Real Xmas turkey Dinner with sprouts & gravy"
"Walk to power station. Pub on way home"
"Steaming towards Budeley now. Walking back"
"Done five miles and six pubs. Back left is fine"
"Overslept this am - going to walk off excess festive pies. Meeting me mates in pub later"
"Home in five"

Java spent Xmas with her personal dogsitter, Glyn, his friends and family. Xmas Day, Glyns Mum made Java her own proper Xmas dinner. Boxing Day, she spent on a steam train. And for all this exercise - she had no limping whatsoever which is really good news though she did have her metacam as a preventative.
"Coooo - you come back from holiday and just need another one" she murmured as she climbed in into her basket, a very happy dog.  But did stay awake long enough to have a nibble on one of her presents from boglin and  lupercal