kato age two

Emergency Meeting of the Canine Feminist Colllective

Present: Combat Dog, Rooky Dog, Comedy Dog (aka Lindsay, Kato and Abe
Lindsay: Right, as you are aware we in a Code Red situation. With confirmed
inteligence that Sheffdogs are invading tomorrow.
Kato: Wow, that is so cooleez! Jaz is so like cool! I,m gonna hangs out with
her, and we will chat so much, like rer, rer, rer. Wonder if she will bring
some bling and we can go up the park  looking stush and well sexy, with our tails held real high. Find us a couple of man friends. 
Lindsay: Rooky Dog! It is not......cooleez........it is a serious breach of
our security. Our liberty, our constitution, our biscuits..... threatened, apparently Jaz can launch an attack on our biscuits in 45 minutes...........And I have this on good authority
Abe: So what we gonna do Combat Dog?
Kato: Bet crumbly dog gots some plan - like Dogs Army, Last of the Summer
Whine, One Paw in the Grave.... some geriatric foolishness...tsssk
Lindsay; Rooky Dog, shut it - and its Combat Dog not Crumbly Dog -as I was
saying what with my back and Comedy Dogs allergys and smallness, its going to be down to
Rooky Dog to repel the insurgency. So if Abe and I take the wussy spaniel - and
Kato you sort Jaz out
Kato: Repel? No way man, I is not Irie wit Jaz, I and I is tribal with Jaz,
we is one fam-lee, she is my bitch sistah innit, we is gonna be presentin it serious,
know what am saying, you follow me......
Abe: If we're going to talk in code - can we all stick to the same one.
Kato: Whats gwan? - is it cos I is black?
Abe: Don't be dim Krappo! - we're all barkin black
Lindsay: What did Rooky Dog say?

Abe: She said No Problem, she'll sort Jaz out, all you and I have to do is hide under the humans bed

Kato = one dog hip-hop video = one big booty bitch!

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other woofers can't deny
That when a dog walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung
Wanna pull up front
Cause you notice that butt was stuffed

(Baby's got back - Sir Winalot)