kato age two

Code Red, Code Red

Lindsay: This is Combat Dog to Stealth Dog, do you read?
Java: I read you Combat Dog, state your location....
Lindsay: Front room area three, think we got a Code Red
Java: So what gives Combat Dog?
Lindsay: Just intercepted a telecommunication - SheffDogs are planning an invasion over Christmas......
Java: Nah, you must have misheard, you are as deaf as a biscuit Combat Dog
Lindsay: No, its confirmed Stealth Dog - just heard humans discussing wouldn't it be so cutesee if Sheffdogs and the Collective sat on chairs round the dining table, with paper hats, crackers, presants, playing charades and Trivial Pursuit, then spamming LJ with cute photographic evidence so their FList says Awww and stuff.........
Java: Tough Call Combat Dog, but its not really my Code Red. I,m spending Christmas with my Personal Dogsitter, PDs Mums cooking me a special Turkey Dinner, leisurely 25 miles walk, then upside-down in the pub till the Day After Boxing Day
Lindsay: What?! Desserting your post Stealth Dog? Leaving just me, Rooky Dog and coughComedyDogcough to repel the invasion - that Jaz will be sleeping on my mat, snooting our bowls, confiscating our throwy things, raiding our biscuits, rounding us up like sheep and going in the Middle of the Sofa with her big GSD snooter in the air. And that Spangle Penny snickering at us.........

Java: Special Turkey Dinner. Chipolattas rolled in bacon, all the trimmings, pudding with brandy sauce.......endless festive pork scratchings, swigs of Guinness, belly rubs under the mistletoe, tipsy humans saying "look! I just snogged a dog!" and paying me in crisps...... Sorry Combat Dog.

Lindsay: Then our only hope is that Rooky Dog can protect us. May Dog Protect Us and our Biscuits.

Sheffdogs - Penny and Jaz - Aye Up we have come for t' Biscuits.

*lol* Brilliant!

Invasion of other canine mouths vs clumsy drunken humans dropping lots of food everywhere, it's a tough one! ;)
The Pointer Mafia send their condolences....they have managed to repel a visit from bedwetting cousin Wolfie .... by being really naughty and "not fit to be seen in company".....