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Humans popped into boglin and lupercal  Christmas Movie Magic, no Movies just the Magic bit. This was via meeting up with balsall_heathan in the Old Mo whilst he was shouting at Blackburn Rovers for being a bunch of barking woofers. Lovely to see abbie  again, after dog alone knows how many years - but worked out that we still had (the real, capital and canine) Hatty and she hasn't met Java. So possibly 6 years. Anyway, abbie hasn't aged a day and looked radiant.

On our humans return, our snooters were stuck firmly to our humans clothes. After several minutes of sniffing, we doglets concluded our humans have given in to the Dog Child Kato pressure and got her a pet rat for Chrimbo - as they were absolutely minging of ratlets. Kato swears she will look after it, take it for walks every day and use her own pocket money to pay for any vet bills.





Sorry about being distracted when the Rovers were on. I've always been bad a tearing my attention away and I'm getting worse as I get older.

Twas nice to see you and I'll be more sociable on Thursday. Would Thursday night be ok?
Yes, we are popping to Chester to take Matriarch shopping due to Sainsburys inability to deliver an order made on the 4th of December until 2006. Should be home about 6-30pm. Though you have key if theres any feck up. Will make pakora.
Excellent - do you think Kato would be up for looking after Alice Cooper over the christmas period?!? She sounds well reliable!! :)
Kato breaks all her random pets, spiders, beetles and woodlice - idly pulls the legs off and then barks gleefully " Come on Spidey - do running. Look, see, when you pull their legs off they go deaf"
Er - in that case - hope you don't get offended if I hurriedly withdraw the request for her to babysit AC - I'd quite like to find him in one piece on my return from the boonies!!! :)
Thanks :o)
It was great to see you too, you're still looking well and very young. Was good to finally meet hippy too.
Dont give into the doggie pressure for pets....Barnum has been on at us for years to get him a pet Pheasant.....he has goldfish but guess who always ends up feeding them?...
Blink......heh, read that as peasant at first. Pheasant! Thats well posh.

The Collective have one fish but Kato keeps kicking mud in his gaff, so not sure how much longer he will last.

And no, Kato isn't responsible enough to have any small furry pets, she can just make do with That Abe.