kato age two

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Our thanks to boglin  - who has saved us from being endlessly chased around with the hat and digital camera.  Its also the first picture of all four of the Canine Feminists together since the Abe & Java Jihad began. This has confused Kato as she thinks Abe/Java is one canine entity - a sort of Jekyl and Hyde dog, with two coats. 

Wet noses, scatchy back rubs and flatdogs  to  boglin   

This could be the cover of our festive medley album - Dogmas with the Canine Feminist Collective - including such paw-tapping faves as Santa Paws is Coming to Town, |Barkless Night, Merry Dogmas Everybody,  Mistlebone&Whine and  I Wish it Could be DogMas EveryDay-E-Yay.

LOL - but I now have "Do they know it's biscuits time" stuck in my head

hippy just stuck his head thru t'door with

Chappy, Chappy, Cheap, Cheap

not exactly festive but certainly a good party, knees up,paws in the air, barktastic tune
"Feeeed the dog" (to the tune of Feed the world)...is a very common song in out house....with much spinning and barking...are we as mad as our mutts...very likely...