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Inspired by boglin and lupercal  Santa hat icons - this evening the Collective set about making their own.

Humans: Kato, come and put this lovely festive hat on

Kato: Bark Off - Grrrrrr - your just going to put my photo all over the net. And its embaressing, demeaning, what if Oblong Ed sees them - Java's never got a boyfriend since you put all those hat icons up on LJ

Humans: No, Sweetness, Java doesn't have a boyfriend because she is a raging, frothing psychopath but thats a whole LJ entry on its own, probably even a memory entry.........don't change the subject...... pose for the camera

Humans: Come on Sweetness - Santa Paws likes to see doggys in hats - theres a biccy in the hat

Kato: Doh! Fell for it!

Kato: I will wear your crappy hat on my cute canine ass.

Humans: Come on Java, bet other dogs don't have to be held by the throat just for a simple Santa Paws Hat photo

Lindsay: HumBarkinBug

Kato: Fancy a game of Tug-o-war Java?

Our only hope is Abe, but she is currently busy with some paperwork, but then Abe hates anything on her head.


I am quite determined this year that the Pointer Mafia will be photographed wearing Reindeer Antlers the St Johns Ambulance are on standby....
LOL - I would highly reccomend you photoshop them antlers onto the Pointer Mafia, rather than risk a Festive Fracture and a demolished house.

We will be very impressed at photographic evidence of barnum wearing antlers - heh, and a doctors note to confirm that no belladonna_9s were injured in the making of the photographs.
I have a cunning plan envolving ... cooked sausages....Barnum is pretty bribable...Meena is a bit more wary....