kato age two

Being Cross - Bums Up

When Java is cross, defensive or just plain ole aggressive, all the fur on her bum, stands on end. In extreme furied crossness, there is a perfect rectangle of standy-up fur from tail to head. This has led to a new command of "JaJa - Put That Down". Java only has to suspect that Abe may still exist and her Bums Up.

Recently we have noticed that every morning Javas bum is very much up, we used to think she was cross with Kato for trampling on her,in the stampede to the garden (aka The Karzy/Little Girls Room). But we have realised Javas irate Bum Is Up because of the cold. If ever she got her paws on the Weather.......

Kato does Bums Up. In extreme defensive pose, she looks like a pterodactyl, a long ridge of furry spikes accross her back - in other words - she looks well foolish. A bit Sigue Sigue Sputnik - but with better songs.

Abe does a good rectangle of Bums Up - but for all her Yappy Bitchy Grumbliness - its rare

Does Lindsay do Bums Up? - Who knows, with that Gnasher coat - she could have spent the last fourteen years really,really, barking irate but no one would have known.