kato age two

ConsumerMass - Protests Please

As per usual our humans will be donating YOUR presant and card money to the Rescue where Kato was sourced from - http://lizziesbarn.dogpages.org.uk/ (Websites a bit out of date, theres a picture of Kato's Mum Tia on page two, who has now found her forever home)

So, to clarify, thats YOUR rightful,hard earned cards and YOUR presents donated to lazy ass dogs who just can't be bothered to get themselves decent, kind owners.

And our so called owners don't want cards or presents - they would apparently (adopt annoyingly,wet,lefty bark) "prefer you donated a Bonio or two to any Dog in Need", well that could possibly be us because.....

Additionally, this year, our so called owners have tonight, donated many of OUR Tinnys and OUR Biccys to the dogs owned by Homeless People (via project on Dogpages.Org.Uk) - Can you believe it? MotherBarking Dogs that can't even get themself a houseowning owner? Sheesh. Whats the world coming to?

We expect several of our Flist to be outside our house protesting with placards and stuff. Come on Flist, you haven't friended these boring hippys all year to have your Cheap Tacky Card and Tasteless Badly Chosen Prezzie sent to some Down&Out shelter

Canine Feminist Capitalists
reciprocating kindness

i have just sent your xmas pressies to the dog people for you!

they'll be benefiting from all the latest in chew toys and bone nibbles!

Re: reciprocating kindness
See new icon - thats us that is - with our humans giving away all our tucker.
Re: reciprocating kindness
see this icon, that's hello kitty without her skin on!


I have got two Christmas Boxes full of goodies to go off to two rescues this week as part of AR's Christmas Stocking appeal....one off to Ireland and one off to UK....we did Lizzy's Barn last time...
Heh! I do sometimes wonder how anyone ever dares own a dog - or even how any dog ever gets rescued. Or listening to some, how any dog ever gets trained. LOL.

I just sit back with me pop corn and enjoy the soap operas :-)