Dog Genetics in the Mix

When The Sweetness was a tiny weeny pup made of warm rubber (as all puppies are) humans ooozed Simper when she gave paw, cooed at being cutely sniffy kissed on the face, and crumbled to teary patheticness when she did Ickle Baby Puppy Hugs. Now that the Sweetness is late teenage, pushing forty (KG) being given paw is a hefty punch, Sniffy Kisses lead to concussion and a Puppy Hug - respiratory collapse.

"FlippinGerroff Yer Fat Rotty Bass. Can't Breev...Urgghggg" has replaced "Awww, Sweetness Wuvs Us"
Arriving home has changed from humans crouching down to greet Sweetness, to them opening the door and running to cower behind furniture. Lying on the kitchen floor in the foetal position while the Sweetness gives them Big Love.

Strange how the Rotty portions of Sweetness genetics get the blame for any of her more demonic behaviour. Whereas the GSD portions are seen as inteligent, angelic and well behaved. The pinch of collie portion is the random Joker gene that gives the main dog endless energy.
Ah yes walking backwards into the house with shopping held high above head...shouting "sit down you loon" .... and thats just pure Pointer Power....the time is approaching...for the dreaded Christmas Doggie Bath Time...(Barnum gave the vet a Black Eye once whe he asked for the paw...remember always lean back) also never lean over a Ninja Pointer you are just asking for a snoot in the face..or throat...
Doing the knee up thing to deflect the Sweetness, she thinks its all one big game - "Nother Go!" she smirks as she sails accross the room "That was FanBarkingTasTic"

Do you think Barnum and Sweetness are related?

Im not sure what Barnum might be related to....I dread to think of a whole litter of Barnum's all running around the house like lunatics...Barnum doesnt do walking only galloping and jumping....
I often look at our four and wonder about their siblings.......especially Lindsay, in her younger years she was eccentric and full of energy, just eccentric now.