kato age two

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cutietrol stayed over on Friday en-route to Scotland, lovely to see him and learn about clicker training. Oh yes, Miss Kato, we are so buying a clicker.  Kato did some barky stuff - which we figure was her asking him why he hadn't brought along his better looking friend Blade / trying to entice him to play Slippy / complaining loudly that she wasn't allowed in his bedroom to steal his pants. 

In other news - Java is limping on and off, but we are only moderately limiting her exercise, JaJa doesn't seem bothered or in pain. Just intermittent tripodness. Java  seems more upset&dejected when we put limitations on her.

Kato did an off-lead walk (The Bottle Bank Run) along Wolverhampton streets and didn't get run over/do a runner/ram raid any houses.

Java and Abe have new Lupine collars and leads which cost basketloads - but are supposed to be guaranteed unchewable (yet soft and fashionable). Kato is very jealous and keeps gnawing at them (whilst A&J are wearing them) so far, so unchewed.

And our humans made lentil&carrot pie thingy on Friday, leek and potatoe fritter thingys yesterday and as a grand finale for the weekend -  from scratch with gram flour, pakoras today and there have been no fatalitys.