kato age two

Good and Bad News

Java took hippy to get her X-Ray results today. Back Left is healing nicely, but its a problem that will keep reoccuring and deteriorate over time. Eventually she may feel more pain, need to rest up a lot more. But for now, Java can live her life to the full just with some initial reduction in Slippy Dog and long walks. Gently building back up to whatever she is comfortable with. She has a bottle of Metcalm, should she experience any pain - though she isn't one for saying OUCH (unlike other Drama Queens and Princesses in the Collective, who collapse with a paw to their brow at the very thought that another Canine Feminist has had a molecule of biscuit more than they)

And she can have a swig of Metcalm before any 8 mile walks with her friends at Wolverhampton College Staff Association. So no real limits on her lifestyle in the immediate future.

Java enjoyed her trip to the vets, gave other patients a polite greeting, even a peck on the nose for one canine.

Kato is growing into her big ass - looking so wide and bulky today, we checked her for pies. But its all solid dog.
Meena resembles a small walking coffee table these days....and her old coat wont do up around her tummy anymore....its the labrador in her breeding I think....