Kato Grows Wierd / Abe as Parrot

Taken from a strange angle - but you get the general idea of Kato's bum

Lopsided doggy - GSDs usually seem to slope downwards at the bum end, the Rotty/Collie genes obviously have other ideas in the structural formation of the Sweetness.

Abe relaxing with hippy

Perhaps Kato's GSD genes are good modern ones. The trend towards the sloping back was the main cause of widespread hip dysplasia in GSD's. Good working lines have much flatter backs - think of Jazz! While she may act like 'she's Queen' the people who bred her were very careful to make sure they bred healthy dogs, not just pretty ones. And that means flat backs.
Katos back legs seem too tall for her front ones - but she's doing a bit of a growing thing at the moment, randomly in all directions.

Jazz has a nice flat back - seen some really distorted looking GSDs, (see american websites.

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