kato age two

Anyone for a Game of Slippy?

Java is on Vets Orders to rest, minimal exercise, avoiding stairs and absolutely No Slippy with Kato. Even advised to go to the Little Girls Room on a lead but she just finds that just too wierd and crosses her legs. Java is usually very keen on Sleeping, Resting, Being Inert and doing General 24/7 Monging. But she's raring to go, at every opportunity begging Kato to have just one Slippy Slam. This is going to be impossible........

We just caught her playbowing Kato on the stairs and it took several minty biscuits and to get them to settle.
She gets lonely :-(

She keeps staring at us all - willing us to play or at least let her race around the garden, but she's meant to be on as little exercise as possible. If it doesn't heal properly she could go really lame
She could have a lo-impact night round mine on Saturday. Not lonely, but no gargantuan walks, no Slippy temptation.
What about the cats? We could pick her up again when F takes me to work on Sunday. Though cats may never speak to you ever again.

She can go for little walks - but only on a lead and not her usual 6 mile hikes. Though for Java a ride in a car is as good as a walk. Got a long trainer lead if there was any risk with the fence.
Let's do it, if you can drop her off.

I can't collect her as I'll probably be over the limit (England are playing tomorrow).

Cats no problem, they only show up once a day for a feed.
OK, Java will be over the moon, we'll pack her overnight bag & sleeping bag. What times good for you - she comes with her own beer money, throw and selection of DVDs. Have you seen Ross Nobles new one?

What times good for you?
7:30 or later for me.

Is the Ross Noble one different to the one I tried to get you for your birthday? Actually, could you lend me 24 Hour Party People, please?
Yes. different. And Yes, will put 24HPP in Java's rucksack, and owt else you might like, that I don't think you have. Pub Landlord?

About 8pm, then she can have her D-word at yours.

Thanks - it will cheer her up and give her some time without Kato.
8pm is good. I haven't seen the Pub Landlord one, so bring it on (having eleventy-bajillion unwatched episodes of Futurama is a mixed blessing).

See yers later.
Barnum is on rest too he jarred his shoulder (leaping 6ft in the air for his ball on a rope)....we are thinking of tethering him with guy ropes....as its impossible....all I seem to have said for the last week is No Running!!!!
Poor Barnum. Is he on any meds or just rest(!!)

Java is on metacalm and is having glucosime chrondatin powder