kato age two

And Spare a Thought for Java

Java isn't bothered about the X-Ray tomorrow or being sedated or having her hips and knees rotated hither and dither but NIL BY MOUTH! Whats that all about? 

Hope everything went ok with Java's visit to to vet. Penny is particularly sympathetic, she thinks she ought to be fed everytime food passes human lips, and if they have more than one course (it does happen occasionally) after each course.
X-Ray went well. Didn't have to be put all the way under. Probably feeling exhausted from 14 hours starvation.

Knee swollen and quite different from the other. Seems to have been and old (apx 6 weeks) injury to the cruciate ligament but it is heeling well. This has triggered some arthritis in the knee so she's been put on glucosamine as well.

Problem probably appeared about 6 weeks ago. Seemed so trivial at the time, just a few seconds of limping when she'd been sleeping on it for a while. Quite easy to pull something or other playing slippy-dog.

Anyway, slippy dog banned for next two weeks. Java must go into garden on her own so as not to accidentally start playing.